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“Židrūns kovārņu mazbērniem” (“Židrūns to the Grandkids of Jackdaws”)
LP on vinyl, 2020, I Love You Records

“Židrūns un tas, ko nevar nest” (“Židrūns carrying the unbearable”)
LP, 2017, I Love You Records

“Židrūns Dzeltenbaltdzeltenais”, LP, 2010, SKYR

Fabrikas meitenes dziesma (Song of a factory girl)

Spoguļa lauska pierē (First anemones cracking on my existance)

Osetīns (Drinking in a company of alarming Ossetians)

Ir normāla diena (The day started just fine)

“Židrūnam sāp”, LP, 2008, SKYR

Šņāc šoseja (As the highway hisses by)

Džempera dziesma (The way a worn-out sweater sings)


Tur, kur neķer (I can give you a room, where the ceiling won’t crush you) 2017

Židrūns – Tur, kur neķer from Židrūns on Vimeo.

Tomiņš (Tomiņš, the anti-cherry weatherman) 2016

Varat cerēt (Roads just won’t pull us together) 2014

Inga mūžamziedošā (Awake through thousand-year rocks)


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